What We Do

Imagine how difficult shopping would be if supermarkets didn’t exist.

If you wanted a loaf of bread you’d head to the bakery; for chicken breasts you’d call at the butchers; you need some new lightbulbs so off to the hardware store you go; the salad and veg shop is a bit further up the road but if it’s a pack of day-to-day underwear you’re after you’re going to have to head to the High Street.

You see where we’re going with this? Not the best use of your time, right?

Essentially, we’re like a supermarket for corporate volunteering. We bring the whole experience into one place to make it as easy as possible for the company and the volunteer.

If corporate volunteering projects are done well they can transform the communities we live and work in. From the very first time we speak we will manage everything from project design to materials required and on-the-day coordination. We’ll even round-up the best bits afterwards and present them back to you so you can feel the impact.

Our volunteering opportunities are:

  • Designed to tackle real issues in your local community
  • Aligned to your companies CSR aims and core business functions
  • Assessed for its suitability and relevance
  • Developed to engage the skills of your employees
  • Developed to meet your company's personal development criteria
  • Creative, Engaging & Rewarding
  • Risk Assessed, Safe and Insured
  • Measurable and Reportable


How often do you head out to the supermarket and forget to make a list before you leave the house? You end up in the entrance desperately typing into the notes App on your phone the things that spring to mind but, nine times out of ten, you forget the one thing you really needed.


Our services are wide-ranging and you can pop them into your basket individually or as a collective:

Changing the culture at a company is no easy feat. Let’s join forces to show the impact it can make and maybe we make volunteering a regular part of work life.

Policy Development
From meeting your legal obligations to gaining sign-off from your board of Directors, setting up an employee engagement or volunteer programme can be time-consuming and costly. Rather than second-guess where and how your company can best support the community, work with us to gain the insight you need.

Social Research
What is happening in your community and what activities could bring about social change? Our research will provide you with the latest data to help guide your community investment programme.

Programme Design/Evaluation
We’ll make your corporate volunteer programme stand out from the crowd. Your impactful in-house volunteer programme will give your colleagues something to really get their teeth into, whether it’s a company-wide year-round opportunity or a shorter-term focused project. We’ll create a monitoring framework to capture and analyse the data so you can justify all the hard work you’ve put in.

Programme Recovery
Is your current corporate volunteer programme going a bit pear shaped? Annoying huh? We can audit your existing programme and work to resolve any of the underlying issues. By working sensitively with you and your partners, we’ll be able to get to the heart of any problems and provide clear, manageable steps to get the relationship back on track.

Unique Challenges
This is where we come into our element. No two volunteer days are the same and we make sure your experience is unique to your organisation. That’s a 3E guarantee! We procure equipment, secure expert technical instruction and supervision and ensure the project aligns with your CSR objectives. You’ll complete the project knowing that you’ve made a real social impact and created a lasting legacy for your chosen charity.

three elements volunteering...

for the corporate

for the volunteer

for the community