We’re going to level with you, we’re not cool enough to understand Virtual Reality headsets and we’ve only just got used to our TV in HD, let alone 4K Ultra HD. Anyway, some things on TV are truly better in less definition.

Technology may not be our strongest suit but Corporate Social Responsibility absolutely is. We have an extensive London network of community projects to choose from and we know them so well we can even tell you how they like their tea.

We achieve at least one of these targets in every volunteer experience. These are at the core of what we believe in. If any take your fancy then we’re in business…

  1. Remove boundaries, reduce segregation and encourage social unity
  2. Reduce social isolation and work to build communities
  3. Support and encourage social mobility and self-sufficiency
  4. Support education and encourage opportunities to learn new things
  5. Minimize our impact on the natural world
  6. Enhance urban visual, physical, natural environments
  7. Remain removed from political and campaigning activities
  8. Remain a secular organisation, whose services are accessible to all without exception.

Our Mission, Purpose, Vision & Values

“Three Elements Volunteering: for the corporate, for the volunteer and for the community.

When all three elements co-exist, meaningful change can thrive.”


Our Purpose:  We love connecting businesses and community organisations to help each other.

This is what we do best. We take the hassle and worry out of volunteer days.


Our Vision:  To make compassion viral by increasing social capital through volunteering.


Our Values:  Engaged | Responsible | Honest | Inspired | Solution Oriented | Win : Win

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