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In the summer of 2013, we locked ourselves away in a remote wooden cabin somewhere close to Dundee for what seemed like days, nay, weeks. We were working on a riddle that has plagued companies for years: what is the solution to achieve successful corporate volunteering.

The nights were cold and long, and there was no flushable toilet (which was a real team building exercise) but with our combined brain power we finally cracked it so that you don’t have to. It’s OK, you can thank us later.

Obviously, it’s extremely complicated but you don’t need to hear the nitty gritty details so we’ll cut to the chase…

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Would you pass on our thanks to such a great, dynamic and hardworking team. We enjoyed having you here, the jobs that needed to get done were completed and the volunteers all looked to be engaged and enjoying putting back into the community. We would welcome them back without hesitation.’ 

Castlehaven Community Association – Camden Community Host

Saskia Hornivius from Three Elements was excellent. The day was extremely well planned. Saskia arranged for all the paint etc. to arrive at convenient times. In addition she is such a pleasant person with a caring attitude and a concern for the environment. I would highly recommend Three Elements Volunteering and I would also like to say thank you to Three Elements and the L’Oreal team for all they have done for us’

Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre Community Host

What a great day! Despite a whole day of pouring rain the Volunteers got on in a good natured and organised way to meet the various challenges and complete their tasks. They have made a real difference to our space and all the hundreds of volunteers, staff and site users are already feeling the benefits. A big thank you from us all!

Albany Theatre Deptford Community Host

Three Elements are amazing to help so many schools when things are becoming increasingly tight on a financial level for schools. The majority of money is spent on curriculum books and equipment with not much available to create innovative and exciting spaces. Without Three Elements our children would not have had the opportunity to experience essential role play. Don’t stop and keep up the great work.’

Southwark Schools Community Host

A great way to team build and help out the local community. It should be mandatory once a year.’

Help Local Community Volunteer

The day was well organised by both the school and Three Elements from top to bottom and the challenge we were presented with was reasonable. From a personal perspective it was great to spend time with work colleagues in a way that is not possible in the office. It has also raised awareness and debate around the circumstances of people less fortunate than us; something that I hope will be translated into positive action.’

Positive Action Volunteer

This was a big challenge that required everyone to apply themselves to the task wholeheartedly in order to get it completed in time. It was great fun, a real team building exercise and hugely satisfying to be doing it in order to provide something for a local primary school.’

Real Team Building Volunteer

Felt well looked after and reassured that we would be able to get through what seemed like a huge amount of work before the end of the day. A very enjoyable day with lovely people.’

Well Looked After Volunteer

Our first project with the Three Elements team, was well planned and executed. Also, knew that this particular volunteer team could handle this project.. Look forward to reading all of the feedback which we need now to show measurement to our leadership team. Thanks!’

The Walt Disney Company Corporate Partner

Really happy with the organisation and with the projects. Great job!’

Time Warner Coporate Partner

A wonderful day, very well organised, we will definitely use Three Elements again.’

Wellcome Trust Corporate Partner

‘All in all it was a long and rewarding day, proving that giving something back is a worthy cause. We were hugely lucky with the weather making the achy limbs and sunburn all the more worthwhile.’

MD @ Telstra Coporate Partner

‘The Three Elements team were on point and ready to cope with our swollen numbers! Everyone got stuck in and it was clear things had been really well organized. The team were really approachable and worked super hard on the day.’

L’Oreal Corporate Partners: L’Oreal

‘A simple and professional process especially given our short timeframe. Thanks’

Allen Overy Corporate Partners

‘An amazing result! On arrival, everyone was apprehensive that they could (a) carry out the tasks necessary and (b) complete the task to a reasonable standard. Both fears were soon dispelled and the end result exceeded our expectations. It was a simple and professional process especially given the short time frame for organising our volunteer day.’

AO Coporate Partner