About Us

First things first, let’s tell you why we’re called ‘Three Elements’ – or ‘3E’ if we’re trying to be trendy. 

3E works for the volunteer, the corporate and the community and when all three elements work in perfect harmony, then positive community change thrives. They call us the ‘harmonisers’ – OK, no one actually calls us that outside our office but we bring the three elements together and ensure each reaps the benefits.

Now, we could tell you more about us; for example, we could wax-lyrical about how passionate we are about the power of community change, or rant about how devastated we are that the leader of the free-world has a name that means ‘fart’. But, enough about us, let’s talk about you...

Where to begin? Your company have offered staff a day out of the office (hurrah!!) to take part in a charity project (double hurrah!!). Amazing news - now it’s time to decide what to do with that valuable day. How difficult can it be: you just find a community project, design activities for your volunteers to do, manage the smooth-running of the event on-the-day and report back on the difference it has made. OK, when you put it like that, that’s quite a lot of work. How about we take over 100% of the hassle? Don’t worry, it’s what we do best.


Three Elements connect businesses with community projects in the city in real need of immediate support. We’ve seen the issues affecting these projects first-hand and the changes our volunteers deliver is epic. Don’t worry, we don’t take any of the glory – your volunteers are the ones doing the hard work, we just give them the tools to make it an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Here's how it all works… in a nutshell…


Three Elements Volunteering...

for the corporate

for the volunteer

for the community