We're all about getting stuff done - let us give you the lowdown…
We deliver volunteer experiences you can really get your teeth into. By matching corporate volunteers with groups in need of a helping hand, you’ll make an impact where it’s needed the most.

For the corporate, for the volunteer and for the community. When all three elements combine, meaningful change will thrive.

Great Community Projects

No hassle

You’re knackered, we totally get it. Sometimes London just needs to take five minutes and play a chilled-out piano concerto.  

Leave the hassle to us. We’ll plan everything – all the volunteer needs to do is turn up with a fistful of enthusiasm and a beaming smile. Our events are organised and fun, but they’re not ‘organised fun’ – promise.

Swipe right

Reading the full bio is just as important as browsing the photos. Don’t worry, we’ve all made that mistake. A hasty swipe and three mind-numbing hours later you regret the wasted Tuesday night you could have spent in the bath with a glass of red.

We create meaningful partnerships for the volunteer, the corporate and the community. No bad match for you.

Lasting impact

We know your volunteers will thrive on the project but what does ‘success’ look like to the bosses that gave them the day out of the office?

Our comprehensive reporting will show the results of the day and the lasting social impact this has. Your legacy will live on… long-live your legacy!

Complete Project Management

Ay to Zee of volunteering
Getting a volunteer project right can be tricky business. Luckily, we do it every day so we’d be happy to take the hassle away from you. From start to finish we will manage the entire volunteering project.

Like a sharp suit
Community projects are tailored to suit your needs – and we won’t make you feel awkward by measuring your inside leg. We’ll sit down and discuss which project works best for your aims.

Licence to drill
From building fences to painting playgrounds or constructing gardens, we’ll design a programme to really get the creative juices flowing. Think ‘Grand Designs’, but on a smaller scale and more colourful paint!

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what people say about us

‘An amazing result! On arrival, everyone was apprehensive that they could (a) carry out the tasks necessary and (b) complete the task to a reasonable standard. Both fears were soon dispelled and the end result exceeded our expectations. It was a simple and professional process especially given the short time frame for organising our volunteer day.’

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